How many of you really clean your bong after each and every sesh? Ok, now how many of you remove the downstem completely each time you clean your tube or beaker bong? But sadly, you are probably one of the few. Most bongs, bubblers, pipes, and heady dab rigs might get thoroughly cleaned once every five, or ten, or fifty seshes. Even when downstems are removable, they are often ignored as long as they work. But long before the buildup of resin causes a problem with percolation, it may have already created an issue further up the stem.

During regular use of your bong or bubbler there is a certain degree of heat transfer between your glass bowl or slide and the glass joint and the glass downstem.

That heat can activate and re-activate resin buildup in the area creating a dangerously tight seal that can prevent you from being able to remove the downstem without fear of breaking any of the glass parts. Another common cause for a stuck or jammed glass downstem, ironically, often occurs just after doing the right thing by cleaning your glass bong or bubbler often and removing the downstem to clean it separately.

What can cause a problem is if the glass joint on the bong or bubbler and the outside surface of the glass downstem are not thoroughly dried before reinsertion. Even if they are both perfectly clean, the residual moisture can form a difficult seal making removal a nerve-wracking event. The third most common cause for a stuck downstem is when it becomes jammed downward by some incidental contact with a table, or elbow, lighter, or anything you can think of really.

We asked around on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and more on what to do and here are a handful of methods that we came up with for freeing up a stuck downstem on your favorite glass bong or bubbler. Start by trying to run the hottest tap water from your sink directly over the area where the downstem enters the bong or bubbler. If your hand can stand the temperature of the water momentarily, reach in and firmly but cautiously pinch the sides of the exposed portion of the downstem and gently try to twist and pull.

With any luck, that combination of heat and water lubrication will do the trick. If that downstem is still stuck due to resin, you can try your dab torch or a triple flame torch.

alex k downstem

Just quickly apply moving heat to the affected area with the very tip of the flame of your torch. You do not want to hold the flame to the glass for long as you could damage the glass. If there is visible resin or reclaim buildup, you will see it begin to activate from the heat. Knowing that the glass downstem will be hot from the torch, use a pot holder or heat resistant gloves to try the same technique as above, gently trying to twist and pull the downstem up and out of the bong while the buildup is still boiling a bit.

There are some great glass cleaners on the market these days, like Dark Crystal, Grunge Off, or Formula Just fill the water chamber of your bong enough that the downstem and joint are in contact with the cleaning solution and let everything soak.Directions To Our Store. Curbside Pickup Instructions. Local Delivery Instructions. He recently started making pieces on the lathe and electroforming his work.

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SGW vs. Glassmansdoll showerhead downstems self. I haven't heard back yet. Anyone have experience with these? Or perhaps the Alex K? This guy bought the wrong size Glassmansdoll showerhead diffy for his Black Leaf China glass and has it connected not with GonG but with tissue paper, but it still performs well. I have also been thinking about SYN and Mobius diffusers, if anyone has an opinion on those it would be appreciated.

I've heard very good things about Alex K downstems, I'm pretty sure they're he's considered one of the best. I x-posted here after I posted therebecause it was getting downvoted and there were only 2 responses. For some reason it's becoming that way. I'm a glasshead but have had no experience with any except the Alex K. But glassheads used to be a great place to ask questions to people that knew their shit.

There have been a lot of posts about "which bong should I get" or whatever lately and I think people are getting bored with it. You're question is extremely legitimate though and I haven't seen anyone ask this question before. Hopefully people will start responding to it.

Yeah glassheads is nice to look but dollar rigs I don't think so. I think the Alex. K would be best. Let me know what you go with- I'm pretty interested in the GMD downstem too. I never understood the brand obsession when it comes to less complex things like downstems. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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alex k downstem

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Showerhead Downstem and Extra Screened Slide. Thread starter MedicineMan Start date May 14, Sorry for the delay getting this ad up.

I also will include a Blazing Blue Glass screened slide. I used this piece for about one month. I only use distilled water so there are no hard water stains. Price is I was going to sell local only but will ship if insured for the sale price plus shipping. This way no one loses out if it gets smashed in transit. I will put on Craigslist in a few days but am not a fan of the Craigslist folks. Price too high? No stock anywhere. I'll trade you 4 oil domes 4 slides and 4 spoons!

SketchyGrower Well-Known Member. If I didn't fear the postal trip I'd be all over that. SketchyGrower said:. Shipping wont hurt anything, glass is usually very very well packed.

So if he ships it again, will it matter?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter bassplayer Start date Aug 31, Status Not open for further replies. For sale is my Mobius Ion Matrix with three downstems. The Ion Matrix works great with or without a downstem. No issues with any of the glass but one of the downstems label is worn.

I will cover Paypal fees. Last edited: Aug 31, OH GOD. Uhhh, want to trade for any Thermovape stuff? Just check my sig. Thanks for the offer, but I'd like to sell it. Damn that's a lot of diffusion. Can't see this one lasting another day.


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alex k downstem

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