Subscribe to updates Unsubscribe from updates. The worst issue was being so darn slow. Gaia streams movies, shows, documentaries, and short film from a much wider variety of sources including hosters, usenet, and even torrents. Since Gaia version 5, they really seem to have borrowed a lot of the features from Seren, like the full-screen scraping progress overlay….

Now, Gaia brings much faster menu speed than previous iterations, better scrape times, better external hoster support, and many more changes! New Scraping and Source select window, and reconfigured context menu.

Best way to see all the changes is to try it yourself! After you have the GitHub Browser add-on installed, you can easily install the Gaia repo simply by searching for the GitHub username:. After you have installed the Gaia repository, move on to learn how to install the Gaia add-on from the Gaia repo. I did the setup wizard, chose Reaper Settings, connected Trakt and Real-Debrid, and it worked pretty well after that.

Thanks for coming to Kinkead Tech to learn how to install Gaia on your Kodi. If you enjoy my tutorials, please subscribe to my weekly email. If you run into any issue when trying to install Gaia, please let me know in the comments below. I love to help. They hit a daily server limit. You should be able to try again tomorrow. It was down for me too since right after I blogged about it last week.

I know that my Trakt account is setup and in Covenenat is complete. Can you help me access my Trakt account? Do any of the other menu items under Trakt work? Or, did you only try Collection? If none of them are working, you should try to reauthorize Trakt in the Gaia settings.

gaia not finding streams

No Menu items under Trakt are working. I have re-authorized Trakt in the Gaia settings with no change. Should I re-install Gaia? I set it up on 3 different devices and it worked fine on all of them. Have you used Trakt in other apps?Gaia Kodi is at the moment one of the best Kodi addons for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from torrents, usenet, file hosters, and streaming services.

The addon has a professionally designed interface for quick navigation and content exploration. Gaia Kodi comes packed with a huge collection of providers, support for multiple debrid services, Trakt and LightPack integration, support tools, and much much more.

Open Kodi on your platform. The interface in Kodi 18 Leia is mainly similar so you should follow the same steps. You have 2 similar panels here. Remember to pay attention to input the correct path letter by letter. Then press ok. Then on the next screen, you will see a list of multiple options. A new window called Install from zip file opens. You will have a list of local and internet sources.

Probably it has been recently updated. If the above step succeeded you will be returned to the previous menu as in step 8 where you have the add-on browser interface. Now select Gaia and choose Install the cloud icon in the bottom right. Also, your ISP might block access to specific streams, which leads to Kodi errors, or entirely blocked and throttled streaming.

This is why users of Kodi should always use a VPN to make sure their identity and privacy are protected while streaming. Using a Kodi vpn can also help you unblock all Kodi addons. TIP: Do you want to re-gain he old peace of mind feeling when browsing the Internet?

Use this special VPN offer to use it also on your mobile phone! We cooked up a 4 minute installation guide for Gaia on our Youtube channel. Gaia supports a variety of premium or debrid services. Which one is best, is dependent on your preferences and geographic location. Premium services support different hosters, networks, and functionality. The premium services also have different performing servers in different locations.

Hence, one service might have a server close to you, and you might therefore get better download speeds from them.

We have a detailed article about how those debrid services will enhance your experience and a comparison of Real Debrid vs Premiumize services.More importantly, these are the best working Kodi add-ons!

EXODUS NO STREAM AVAILABLE FIX - How To Fix Kodi Errors \u0026 Exodus - KODI 18 Tutorial May 2019

From streams of the latest cinematic film releases to popular sports channels, these top add-ons provide content in every genre available from across the web. Kodi TV addons come and go every day, so keeping up-to-date often seems quite futile.

We try to report the up and comers along with longtime champs, though not many champs exist for long in the Kodi community of third-party plug-ins. Let us know in the comments below if you find a great add-on that works well to place here on our leader board. When using Kodi and other free streaming apps, an encrypted VPN is highly recommended to hide your identity, location, and online activities. We've also arranged a special discount exclusively for My True Media readers. Right now, you can try the Surfshark VPN app free for 30 days.

Get the fastest, most secure VPN available risk-free with their day money back guarantee. If unsure what a VPN is, how it works, or why you really should use one, save yourself a lot of trouble and learn more about them. This Kodi add-on streams with little to no buffering due to its use of the BitTorrent protocol.

This addon will even have Real-Debrid download a torrent from the network for you. This provides a super-fast stream straight from their collection of premium hosters. Exodus probably needs no introduction here. Arguably the most popular Kodi add-on of all time, development and maintenance was stopped by its original developer Lambda in Many alternatives have sprung up, but most attempts at improvement of the original seem to lessen the mass appeal of this great Kodi plugin.

The update to the original Exodus Kodi add-on has simply brought it up to date with a new scraping ability that provides tons of great content links to streaming movies and TV shows. Kodi Exodus Redux is a rebranding of the highly popular content channels add-on Incursion, itself a top clone of the original.

While Gridiron Legends is primarily an American football streaming addon for Kodi, it also finds a huge number of working sports movie streams.

gaia not finding streams

If you love sports entertainment, especially American football games, check out Gridiron Legends from developer NoleNation. This is one of the best new Kodi addons to come along in years for sports fans. Uranus was a Griffin repo release found in the MrBlamo repository until these repos were taken down. This beautiful Kodi plugin began life as a direct fork of the late Elysium for Kodi which in turn was copied from the fantastic Zen addon.

The latest Uranus addon version found in the Cy4Root repo is a fork of Neptune Rising, which was copied from the Poseidon fork of the Exodus line. Simply put, you will love the Uranus addon. Special Note: this latest Uranus update integrates P2P torrent network links for less stream buffering. The Loop. This great working sports addon also finds movies and TV series related to sporting action. The Magic Dragon. This, in turn, was a fork of The Pyramid, a Kodi favorite all-in-one add-on.

A favorite add-on with great sports content and kids shows sections, you will want to install it now. One of the most popular Kodi add-ons, DeathStar is included in most current builds.

The number of links in the playlist of this major Kodi community collaboration is staggering. This is due to having dozens of Kodi add-ons 45 at time of writing!

Within the DeathStar Tools section of the add-on, you can gain access to your Real-Debrid account premium streaming servers.Gaia Support. Q Viewing Article. Why are less streams shown than found during scraping? While scraping, the dialog might show many detected links.

However, when the final stream list is shown, there might be a lot fewer links than previously indicated by the dialog. This can be caused by a number of reasons: Many providers have the exact same links than others. During scraping links from all providers are listed. During the final stage of scraping, duplicates links are removed.

Sometimes up to half of the streams can be duplicates. You changed your filtering settings to remove links according to certain criteria. By default Gaia will not filter out any links. Certain hoster support might be temporarily down on your debrid service.

From time to time debrid services upgrade their supported sites, causing them to be down for a while and their links not to display in Gaia until they are up again.

Gaia prechecks certain hoster streams to filter out dead links as far as possible. If you do not have a premium debrid service, links from hosters that can not be accessed through the free UrlResolver addon will be removed. Due to these reasons, it is normal to have to have a final stream list with considerably less links than be shown in the scraping dialog.

Last Updated: 04 Jan Print Article. Did you find this article helpful? Q Categories.Press Continue, Continue, Agree. Choose Yes. I recommend to set it up as default in English and the fine tune the languages manually in the Tools section. Press ContinueKeep. Also, your ISP might block access to specific streams, which leads to Kodi errors, or entirely blocked and throttled streaming.

This is why users of Kodi should always use a VPN to make sure their identity and privacy are protected while streaming. Using a Kodi vpn can also help you unblock all Kodi addons. TIP: Do you want to re-gain he old peace of mind feeling when browsing the Internet?

Use this special VPN offer to use it also on your mobile phone! Step 5: I highly recommend attention on this step!

Read more here. Be careful at this point! If you do not have a premium account on Real Debrid or Premiumize and want to use Quasar the direct torrent player your ISP will catch you and you risk serious copyright legal issues! Step 8: Usenet Streaming. If you open Gaia for the first time, you should see a window saying things about Gaia, click back and it will open up a webpage ignore for now.

Now agree to legal disclaimers: there is 4 of them and the 5th window should be the configuration window. Here click NO, then continue with the instructions below:.

Alternative Titles — Helps with finding streams by using alternative titles for media especially for foreign languages. Now to the good stuff, this is what will show if you use manual play and how the list of links is gathered and sorted.

This is the section that will autoplay links for you. This with preemptive termination is what makes Gaia with Real Debrid better than the rest of the add-ons. Premiumize works fine with exodus but with gaia I get invalid creds. But either way I wonder if something has changed in gaia where it breaks the login. How do you change the downloads folder to download to a specific folder other than what comes up as default.

Whenever I select a movie to watch it will find and show me all the streams it found with a little icon but it will not load the page where I can actually select the stream…it just keeps me on the original page where I select a movie. But if I download the torrent in my browser, it works fine! Hey guys, I keep getting xvid codec screen when trying to watch something… what can I do to correct this? Usually this happens when searching for movies that are in cinemas.

So there are big chances that your content is not yet available for online streaming. Your email address will not be published.

How to Install and Configure the New Gaia 5 Kodi Add-on

Any information on products listed on this site is gathered in good faith. Any opinions expressed on this website by our contributors do not necessarily represent the views of the website owners. Expert is not in any way affiliated or endorsed by Kodi or any entities directly related to Kodi. All images, Videos and logos are the copyright of the respective rights owners, and this website does not claim ownership or copyright of the aforementioned. If you feel the site contains something that is in breach of any copyright, please inform us via our contact page and we will be happy to remove any problematic content.

Kodi on BoredPanda. All rights reserved Kodi Expert. Kodi Expert September 3, pm 6 Comments. These are what we have so far found to be the best experience for all Kodi users.Feed your curiosity with original programs and films on topics like metaphysics and the unexplained, led by renowned luminaries.

Plus, facilitate your transformation with yoga and meditation, all commercial-free, so you can journey uninterrupted. Get Gaia Today Original programming that can help deepen your connection inside and out. Add to Cart. Don't have Xfinity? Check out our best deals. Gaia Your guide to conscious life Feed your curiosity with original programs and films on topics like metaphysics and the unexplained, led by renowned luminaries. Disney Story Central. Xfinity Streampix.

Configure Gaia Kodi Addon like a PRO

Acorn TV. Fox Nation. Stingray Karaoke. Lifetime Movie Club. History Vault. Grokker Yoga Fitness. Dog TV. Here TV.

How to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

Anime Network. Stingray Classica. Eros Now. The Jewish Channel. Before participating in any exercise program or using any fitness products or services accessible in or through Gaia, Inc.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gaia, Inc. Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Limited to residential customers. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change. Limited to service to a single outlet. May not be combined with other offers. Pricing subject to change. Call for restrictions and complete details. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Gaia is a Kodi addon for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrents, usenet, hosters, and video streaming services.

Install Gaia. About Project. Support the Development of Gaia. Donate some coins to one of the wallets listed below and help keep the lights on and Gaia going. Donations are voluntary and neither entitle donors to request custom features nor guarantee faster bug fixes. Donations will not be used for personal purposes, but for renting servers, maintaining debrid services, implementing new features, and donating to open-source projects that Gaia relies on.

We love crypto. Please consider donating crypto above PayPal. If possible, please consider donating crypto above PayPal. If there are any issues, please contact us before PayPal. We are always happy to help.

gaia not finding streams

Donate a fixed amount or any custom amount. If you do not understand cryptocurrencies or how to acquire them, have a look here. You can purchase cryptocurrencies online from Coinbase or any other exchange, and easily create a free wallet using Exodus. Bitcoin is prefered. The buttons below list the cryptocurrencies in order of preference, from left to right and top to bottom. Back Home. Gaia and its developers are not in any way affiliated with Kodi, Premiumize, OffCloud, RealDebrid, EasyNews, Orion, or any of the sites and providers used in the addon.

Gaia is and always will be free and open-source.

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